Uncle Jimmy Gets Married

After fifteen wonderful years together, Jim Urbanksi and Colleen Kelly have finally and officially tied the knot! Jim, who is also the founder and current owner of Uncle Jimmy’s Horse Treats, and Colleen are serious equine enthusiasts, both being longtime horse owners. When they first met, they spent most of their time in the saddle

Scott Amos Discusses Uncle Jimmy Products

1. What are your favorite Uncle Jimmy products? Uncle Jimmy’s Hangin’ Ball! I started using that when I was looking for a product to put into our stalls to keep our horses from getting bored. We ride a lot of 2- and 3-year-olds and I wanted a product that would keep them occupied while being

Quincy Hayes Talks About Uncle Jimmy’s Horse Products

1. What are your favorite Uncle Jimmy products? We use quite a few of the Uncle Jimmy products at our farm. We love to be able to let our horses hang their heads out of their stall and play with either their Hanging Ball or Licky Thing for hours at a time. We especially love
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