Quincy Hayes and Horse eating Uncle Jimmy's Hangin Ball

Quincy Hayes Talks About Uncle Jimmy’s Horse Products

1. What are your favorite Uncle Jimmy products? We use quite a few of the Uncle Jimmy products at our farm. We love to be able to let our horses hang their heads out of their stall and play with either their Hanging Ball or Licky Thing for hours at a time. We especially love the Hanging Ball with the horses that get bored in their stall easily. This way they focus a lot of their energy on eating or playing with their ball, as opposed to chewing on the walls or buckets. I also love that I can leave a hanging ball or licky thing for hours at a time, and know that my horse can’t overindulge themselves and give themselves a upset stomach.

2. Do you feed your horses treats throughout the day? I do like to give plenty of treats to by horses. If they’ve worked hard or accomplished something we’ve been working on during our ride, I almost always give them a treat afterwards. And I usually give them a treat at the end of each day just to spoil them.

3.Do you give your horse treats as rewards during training? I do use treats as a reward in the training process. Almost every single time I leave the show ring, my groom, Rachel Theriault, has a treat ready and waiting for my horses, and sometimes I keep them in my own pocket so they can get something right away. That way they know when they put in a good effort and have gone around the course they have something to look to as a reward.

4. What is your favorite thing about Uncle Jimmy’s products? What I love about Uncle Jimmy’s products is how much my horses love their products. I’ve never had a horse turn his head away from a Hanging Ball, or a Squeezy Bun, so I know they are happy with what they are eating, and making sure my horses are happy and healthy is my number one concern. I also like that they come in different varieties like low sugar, so I can accommodate the individual needs of each horse.

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