Is there really an Uncle Jimmy?

Well folks, the answer is yes but, I did a few things before actually becoming Uncle Jimmy.  My real name is Jim Urbanski and as far as my age goes, if you look my name up in the encyclopedia, you’ll see a picture of dirt; so we’ll forget about that part. Anyhow, I have always had a love for horses and started riding at young age.  My other passion was airplanes. I started taking flying lessons at 15, got my instructor rating and started teaching at 18.  After that, I flew for a few different companies.  Finally, I ended up in Charleston, W.V., where I got my bachelor degree from West Virginia State University while flying for the Governor of West Virginia.  Two years later I finally made the big leagues and landed my job with what ended up to be US Airways.  I got married, had a beautiful daughter, whom we named Christy, and got back into the horses.

Five years before retiring from the airlines, I came up with a one of a kind boredom buster product which I ended up calling Uncle Jimmy’s Hangin’ Balls.  My sales line while at shows were, “Hi, I’m Uncle Jimmy and these are my balls, they come in apple, carrot, peppermint and molasses.”  And while holding the product by its rope I would say, “Here hold my balls.”  Well, that was the beginning of Uncle Jimmy’s Brand Products LLC.  It was risky but it got people’s attention I can tell you that.

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