How to Build a Chicken Coop (or not)


Hello Folks, Uncle Jimmy here.  You know, since I started manufacturing the Amazing Uncle Jimmy’s Pecken Recker, I have been hounded by my staff to come up with a blog that tells a person, “How To Build A Chicken Coop.”  I started by looking at an overwhelming number of chicken coop products on the market today from the most elaborate to a simple box frame with chicken wire.  Well, anybody out there that knows anything about Uncle Jimmy knows that any animal on his farm is also a family member.  Therefore, a simple box with chicken wire was not going to be good enough for my cock-a-doodle-doobee feather dusters.

So, here ya go.  I first start by figuring out how many of those morning alarm clocks you want to have living with you.  This will give you an idea on how big you want their home to be.  I thought about starting small, say, two to three chickens.  That should provide me with enough cholesterol to clog up my ole heart valves for a while.  Now comes the hard part, at least for me and that is the design.  However, coming up with a design takes imagination which pretty much leaves me sitting at the ballpark by myself.  So I did the next best thing, I Googled chicken coops.  Holy road apples, there were so many different ways to build one of those things that made my head swim.

Now comes the day of reckoning, I pick the plan for the chicken coop that I wanted to build and went to my nearest building supply store and had a talk with my friendly store clerk.  He looks at the plan and tells me that this is a snap to build. He proceeds to tell me what materials I will need to buy to build this mausoleum.  Once I finished adding up the cost of the wood, nails, chicken wire, tin and a few other choice items, I realized that I forgot to add in the cost of a hammer, saw, screwdriver, tin snips, a level and a big box of Band-Aids which I am sure I will need.  At that moment I decided to use that money to build an addition to my house and bought a nice already build chicken coop for a grand total of $165.

Today the chickens are happy, the lady of the house is happy, and I didn’t need the Band-Aids.

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