How does Uncle Jimmy’s Hangin’ Ball combat stall boredom?

Uncle Jimmy’s Hangin’ Ball helps to combat stall boredom by providing your horse entertainment in the stall while at the same time providing them with much needed minerals and nutrients that are either not found in other treats or are left at the bottom of the box or bin.


How long does the Uncle Jimmy’s Hangin’ Ball last?

Uncle Jimmy’s Hangin’ Ball can last up to 4 week or more – the duration depends on stall placement and your horse.


What holders do Uncle Jimmy’s Licky Things fit into?

A holder is included with the Uncle Jimmy’s Licky Thing Value Pack.  Uncle Jimmy’s Licky Thing also fits into all major horse treat holders on the equine market today.


Can I become a retailer for Uncle Jimmy’s Brand Products?

If you are a registered business with a tax resale license, yes, you may become a retailer of Uncle Jimmy’s Brand Products.  Contact us at 866.96. JIMMY or accounts@unclejimmysbrand.com


Is Uncle Jimmy a real person?

Believe it or not, he really is. In fact, if you would like to talk with Uncle Jimmy himself, simply call 866.96.Jimmy and dial extension 2 or send him an email at jimmy@unclejimmysbrand.com.  

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