Uncle Jimmy

Hello folks, Uncle Jimmy here. I’ve had two passions in my life—airplanes and horses. I started riding at a local stable at an early age and began flying at the age of fifteen. My dream was to fly for a major airline and own a farm with horses. Well I’m here to tell ya, someone must have been looking down on me because I managed to do both.


Before I got where I am today, I had to pay my dues. I flew anything that had a wing and actually managed to make a couple of bucks at it. Yes sir, three hundred dollars a month and I was in hog heaven. In the down time, I tried to ride as many horses that I could. I can tell you one thing: the ground seemed to have been a little softer back then.


As I look back on those days, I can tell you that I wouldn’t give up those experiences for any amount of money. I was building my dreams, one lesson at a time.


Then one day I stood there, watching one of my injured horses start to chew down his stall. I put everything I could think of in his stall, from rubber balls to the only boredom buster on the market. He didn’t like the boredom buster and he wouldn’t even look at the ball. Then I thought, if this guy is having a problem locked in a stall, there must be a lot of others with the same problem. That’s when I came up with the idea of Uncle Jimmy’s Hangin’ Ball. What horse doesn’t like a good custom mixed grain? It not only took his stall boredom away, it’s saved the stalls of several other horse owners, too. Now, thanks to all you fine folks out there, Uncle Jimmy’s Brand Products are being sold all over the world.


Thanks again and happy riding.

Uncle Jimmy

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